Allergic Girl is Getting Married!

302570_2510820009289_356814861_nThis picture was taken in September 2011 while on a vacation to Disneyland with Mr. Munger and his family (we’re on the Dumbo ride).  We’d just gotten engaged a few weeks before and were feeling pretty darn happy. 

Mr. Munger was still attending Western Washington University at the time, so we knew it’d be a while before we were finally able to tie the knot but it was a nice change to say “when” instead of “if.” (Although, the fact that our families had already transitioned to “when” makes me fairly confident our engagement didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone.)

Well, Mr. Munger graduated in December 2012, got himself all employed, and we just recently set the date for last August! 

The wedding will be simple and safe (safety is an important consideration when you live with food allergies, and I also don’t want to get glutened on my wedding day).  Just immediate family and my grandparents (a whopping twelve people total).  It’ll be at a local park by the water since hopefully the weather will be nice, but you can never be sure you’ll get sunshine in the Seattle area so we’ll also bring umbrellas, sweaters if it looks chilly, and we’re renting a picnic shelter.  The ceremony itself will only last a couple of minutes, and then the family picnic will carry on (if you’re feeling curious, check out the Pinterest board!).  

While it’s fun to finally know when exactly we’re getting married and be able to start buying things like red and white gingham table clothes, what I’m really enjoying is planning out how we’ll decorate our apartment (and, yes, there’s a Pinterest board for that, too).  It’ll be so fun to go buy a kitchen table and dishware.  Exciting!

Only four months and six days until I get married.  Not that I’m counting, of course.