Where I’ve Been This Summer

Greetings!  Well, my original summer goal of posting regularly doesn’t seem to have happened quite as planned.  This is mostly due to the fact that my laptop finally decided to keel over (it won’t even bother turning on anymore).  I had my very techy friend take a look at it last week, and it seems it’s time for a replacement.  Need to crunch some numbers before deciding if a cheap (“cheap” is a relative word, especially when talking about electronics) little blogging-writing-Pinteresting-picture-storing-music-playing machine is within the budget.

My mom’s been letting me borrow her Kindle Fire, which has been very helpful with staying up to date at least a little on what’s happening in the world.  But the whole tiny touch screen thing is getting old and I’m dying for a full keyboard again.

In other news, the Mr. Man and I are buying a house!  He says he’s making me a peanut-free bubble to keep me safe, which I think is pretty darn sweet.  The downside to the house is that because it’s a short-sale it’s going to take some time (the estimated date when it’ll finally be ours and we’ll be given the keys is mid-December, which feels pretty far off at the moment).  This will mean the wedding/elopement ceremony (it seems like immediate family constitutes more of an elopement even though I’m not running off into the night) is getting pushed back until around December or January.  We’ll be able to set a date once stuff with the house is finally done.

As far as wedding dates go, since it’s looking like getting married before Christmas likely isn’t an option, I’m personally hoping for Saturday, January 4th, 2014.  It’d be exactly four years since the day we met in Intro to Political Science, my second quarter in college.  But we’ll see what happens.

The upside to buying a house: selecting paint colors, browsing dishware, and daydreaming about having not only my own gluten-free, allergen-free kitchen but also (eventually) a garden out back.  And, of course, the fact that it really will function like a little allergen-free bubble for me.  We were a bit concerned that living in an apartment might be dangerous due to my anaphylaxis because we’d be so very close to our neighbors and would have no control over what they’d eat.  But our little three-bedroom house will be a nice bubble and the backyard will serve nicely as a peanut-buffer.  So safety from peanuts won’t be nearly as big of a concern.

It seems like the social expectation is that as the bride-to-be I’ll love planning the wedding–picking out place settings, floral arrangements, and bridesmaid dresses–but what I’m really grooving on is getting stuff ready for the house.  I don’t care what anyone says, picking out glassware and towels is pretty darn romantic romantic.  I’m not getting married because I want to host the shindig of the year or be a princess for a day; I’m getting married because I want to share my life with the Mr. Man.  We’ll share the exciting, the mundane, and everything in between together.  And this makes choosing kitchen supplies so much more fun–and, yes, even romantic–to me than all the matrimonial pomp and circumstance.

So, what have all of you been up to this summer?  Read any good books or find any new cookbooks?  Tryout a new recipe?


4 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been This Summer

    • Yep, summer has been going well. There should be about another month of summer-ish weather in my area of the world (well, as close to summer as Seattle gets). Thanks for commenting! And welcome. 🙂


  1. There is nothing more fun then picking out towels and dishware.
    Tho moving in Dec can be tricky…at least for my family it was.
    Hope you’ve had a great summer!

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