Allergy Girl Rides the Bus

I realized only after the woman sitting next to me on the bus shot me a funny look that I must have seemed like quite the foodie as I read my new Moroccan cookbook on the way home from work, marking pages with green polka dotted sticky notes.  Despite appearances, I’m not a foodie; just an allergic girl trying to figure out what the heck to eat for dinner.  The chicken kebabs recipe sure looks nice!  Might give that a go sometime when Mr. Munger comes over for dinner. 

Tonight’s dinner is still undecided.  The kebabs are definitely going to happen at some point in the hopefully-not-too-distant future but not until I make a run to the grocery store.  And I’m feeling too lazy for that.  What are the rest of you eating?


4 thoughts on “Allergy Girl Rides the Bus

  1. Breakfast for dinner! Omlets with spinach, mushrooms, and cheese and some gluten free muffins.

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