Swan Lake Success!

I not only survived the ballet last night but I had a wonderful time!  I’d felt pretty nervous about going again but it went well.  A couple of the employees actually remembered me from the previous weekend as “the girl with the peanut allergy” (sometimes I feel like my allergy has become my most notable feature) and said they were glad we were finally going to be able to see the rest of the ballet.

I’m very glad the Pacific Northwest Ballet gave Mom, Shannon, and I replacement tickets too because Swan Lake was stunning. Breathtaking.  And we had great seats!  The best part though was that I didn’t see anything peanut-y the entire time.

I was amazed that going later in the day and on a school night made such a difference when it came to food.  The first time, when we went to a matinee, tons of people were pulling out food they’d brought with them during intermission but this time everyone bought bottles of water, coffee, or whine.  Much, much safer for me.

It’s interesting how time of day impacts that sort of thing.  I know that due to celiac and food allergies I tend to feel safer going out to eat at off times because the wait staff can pay more attention and Friday nights at the movies, due to peanuts, is totally out. Have you noticed any places that it’s safer to eat at or visit during particular times of day?


2 thoughts on “Swan Lake Success!

    • It’s what seems to come up the most in conversation. I think it’s partly because I HAVE to bring up my peanut anaphylaxis early so that they’re aware and partly because my life is so food-focused allergies just naturally come up a lot.

      And, once I finally made it through the ballet, I had a blast! I think Swan Lake at the Pacific Northwest Ballet was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. And the seats were great! ❤


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