Swan Lake, Second Attempt

SwanWell, my mom, Shannon, and I are going to give Swan Lake at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle a second try this evening.

The ballet contacted me earlier in the week to apologize for how badly last week’s attempt went (the man sitting right behind me decided to crack open the PB and J he’d snuck into the theater and I nearly ended up in the ER, very scary).  There’s something sad about the fact we never even saw a single swan.  In order to help make it up to use though the ballet offered to give us free tickets to whatever performance we wanted and whatever day or time we preferred.  And I still wanted to see a swan, so we’re going to give it a second try tonight.

I’m looking forward to seeing more than the first act but also feeling a little nervous.  Last week was terrifying.  Hopefully the fact that it’s an evening show on a school night (won’t get out until 10pm) will help insure people aren’t eating homemade sandwiches in the theater.  It’s also after dinner, so in theory people should’ve already eaten.

I guess the lesson learned is that when you have airborne allergies, lunchtime matinees aren’t an option even when the theater has a no food policy.


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