We be Pirates

In honor of Halloween I thought I’d take a brake from my usual theme of food allergies and gluten to show off my costume.  Mr. Munger, the fiancé, is graduating with his BA this December, so as a graduation present his parents took the two of us plus my mom and sister all on a Disney Cruise.

I’d honestly been kind of leery about going; I pictured myself super hungry and far away from any grocery stores and it seemed like it might be like vacationing inside the Small World ride (cute in small doses, but a bit too perky and little-kid-ish to make you really want to settle down and get comfortable).  I was wrong on both accounts.  Disney did a fantastic job of feeding me (Me!  The girl who can’t eat anything) and ship was beautiful, relaxing, and fun.

Pirate Night is the special evening on the cruise where everyone dresses up. And, luckily for us, my future mother-in-law has some mad skills when it comes to costumes.


My mom and sister, Shannon, think that Mr. Munger and I should use this as our engagement picture.  Maybe.  We all picked out the colors, material, and patterns that we wanted for our costumes and then De worked her magic (I decided she’s like a fairy godmother for pirates).


The gang!  My sister, Shannon, is in the fantastic hat and striped pants, Mom is in the middle (her costume is the same colors as her university), and my future sister-in-law, Sarah, is on the bottom right.  De, the woman who made these awesome costumes, is on the top right.


A touch of Disney magic.  I think we look like the pirates in Peter Pan (perhaps Captain Hook’s nieces?).  I doubt I’ll ever want to dress up as anything other than a pirate again for Halloween now that I have a pretty nifty costume.

Happy Halloween, everyone!  So, what are you dressing up as?


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