Huntin’ for Pumpkins: An Allergen-Free Adventure

Friday was interesting to say the least.  I had food allergies testing, found out I have ten (10!) new not-so-lovely food allergies, and then I had a bad reaction to the testing, itself and consequently felt pretty crummy afterwards.  I also just felt pretty darn overwhelmed.   But, luckily, it’s fall and I’m not allergic to pumpkins.

2012-10-20 11.49.42

Pumpkins!  So pretty, colorful, and not one of my allergens.  The perfect cheer-Kelsey-up-by-focusing-on-things-that-she-is-not-allergic-to outing.

2012-10-20 11.51.51

Despite the relatively clear skies, the ground was extremely muddy. My boots still bear the scars (err … mud).  Made it even more authentically fall-like for the greater Seattle area though.

2012-10-20 11.58.26

It was a good day to break out the gloves and a scarf.

2012-10-20 11.52.53

Mr. Munger getting ready to haul the pumpkins.

2012-10-20 11.57.53

Our lovely little pumpkin pals.  We ended up with four total.

2012-10-20 12.04.16

Now that we have the pumpkins, the next step is to finish carving them (one left to go!) and post pictures.  Prepare for more pumpkins.