Gluten-Free Dining: Indian Food

Unlike a lot of  typical “American” dishes that are centered primarily around wheat, a lot of Indian dishes are naturally gluten-free because of the focus on rice.  I also find that Mexican food (providing you stay clear of the flour tortillas) and sea food (as long as you avoid the breaded options) also tend to have a decent number of naturally gluten-free options on the menu (or you can checkout a cookbook).  The trick to eating out: try restaurants where wheat isn’t the center stage of every dish.    

I’ve found that even if an Indian restaurant doesn’t have a specific gluten-free menu, there are still usually a lot of options available.  And if you have any doubts about what you can eat, just ask the waiter or call ahead of time. 

I went out to a little local Indian restaurant, the East India Grill, with the boyfriend to celebrate spring break and that I’d finished my two-year transfer degree at community college—University of Washington, here I come!

I had lamb with curry (featured in the second picture) and he had a chicken and curry dish (feature in the first picture). Both were quite tasty and the presentation was lovely (the food is put in a metal bowl over a candle to keep in warm).  Due to the wonderful flavors and the amount of food I can actually eat, Indian food has become one of my favorite types of food when eating out.

Happy (and safe) dinning!


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