Gluten-Free Dining: Anthony’s Homeport

DSCN1559Recently, in honor of my 25th birthday, I went to Anthony’s Homeport at Pier 66 in Seattle (there are several different locations in the Puget Sound).  I’m madly in love with sea food and Anthony’s has a gluten-free menu, so going there makes me a very happy camper.  It’s also right by the water, which is definitely a plus. 

I ordered Cajon prawns with red potatoes and asparagus on the side.  Yum!  Now I want to learn how to make Cajon red potatoes.  It was amazing; I couldn’t have been happier with my meal and the view of the waterfront was beautiful.  And the fact that there was a specific gluten-free menu, made me feel so much safer dinning out.     

For some reason the gluten-free menu doesn’t seem to be listed on the website (check out the website for locations), so if you want to know specifically what is available just call ahead of time.  I had to call Anthony’s back around Christmas to make dinner reservations and the staff was very helpful.  They serve slightly different things based on if you’re going during lunch or dinner, but there are gluten-free menus with several delicious options for both meals. 

The only downside to Anthony’s is that it’s a bit more than I’d usually like to spend on a meal ($10 – $15 for lunch and $20 – $25 for dinner), so I only go once in a while for special occasions like Christmas Eve or my birthday.  If you’re in the Puget Sound, though, and are in the mood for some gluten-free sea food, I don’t think you can do better.  Happy (and safe) dining!