Once a Month Freezer Cooking

One of the things I really notice about being gluten-free is how expensive and time consuming food has become.  As a fulltime college student, I don’t want to spend all of my time in the kitchen.  And buying the pre-done gluten-free meals is extremely pricey.

So, in order to address this issue, I interviewed Deborah Taylor-Hough, author of Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month.  Her once a month cooking has saved her time, money, and sanity and she even has tips for catering your freezer cooking to a specific diet (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.).

Interview with Deborah Taylor-Hough

4 thoughts on “Once a Month Freezer Cooking

  1. Great interview! So great to finally have a voice to the writer. I’ve followed Deborah Taylor-Hough’s blogs for years. Lots of good information and showing us how easily cooking ahead can be done.

  2. Such a great book! I love your Mom. I went to my daughters house and took a day to show her the benefits of cooking. And freezing ahead.

    • Thant’s awesome that you spent a day showing your daughter the benefits of cooking and freezing food ahead of time. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! And welcome to my blog.


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