25th Birthday Adventure

In honor of my 25th birthday, my fiancé Mr. M treated me to a Seattle adventure.  

Pike Place Market in Seattle is one of the very first places my fiancé and I ever went on a date, so it’s a special place to both of us.  And just generally a lot of fun.

I love how the food looks at Pike Place, so many bright colors and cute little signs.

More beautiful food.  I’m not sure why, but it’s so much more fun to buy produce from a farmers’ market than from the supermarket.  Perhaps this is due in part to the crates.

This is the very first Starbucks.  We’d wanted to walk through it just to say we’d been, but there was always a crowd of people waiting.

I made a new friend.  Not entirely sure why, but there seem to be quite a few pig status in the Pike Place area. 

Standing in the street outside of Pike Place Market.  Yes, I was one of the annoying people who blocked traffic in order to snag a photo.

On the dockAfter wondering around Pike Place for a while, Mr. M and I walked down by the water.  We must have looked a little pitiful trying to take a picture of ourselves because a nice couple offered to take the picture for us. 

I’m madly in love with sea food, so for my birthday dinner Mr. M took me to Anthony’s Home Port at Pier 66 because they have a gluten-free menu!  It was delicious.

Despite the Seattle stereotype, it was a beautiful and very sunny day.

Before heading out, I picked up a nice little box of blackberries to eat on the drive home.  I wonder if the other people in the parking lot thought it was odd that I was photographing something on top of the car.

I had a great birthday.  If you ever end up in the Seattle area, don’t forget to check out Pike Place, Pier 66, and Anthony’s Home Port.  They’re some of my very favorite places. 


5 thoughts on “25th Birthday Adventure

  1. great pictures! enjoyed listening to the interview between you and your mom as well. Some day, Lord willing, we want to make a trip west..maybe we can finally meet you both. As you probably know we’re good friends w/ Kristina the Home engineer..she’s been here to see us 3 times and has invited us out. DM

    • Hey, Doug!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. I took a AM radio class as an elective this quarter and in addition to doing airbreaks on the college’s station, we also had to put together three podcasts. I did two with my mom and another one about misadventures on the bus. http://crunchycook.com/2012/02/14/podcast-bus-adventures/

      And, yes, meeting would be awesome! We could show you around Pike Place, then you could see where the pictures were from. 🙂


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