Gluten-Free Dining: The Rock Wood Fired Pizza

DSCN1350Mr. M, the boyfriend, and I went to The Rock Wood Fired Pizza as a belated Valentine’s Day outing (he also gave me pasta!).  He loves to eat out for special occasions but, thanks to my various food foes, I find the whole idea of strangers feeding me … well …  pretty scary. 

In order to keep me from getting glutened and still be able to have a dinner date sometimes, we’ve discovered that looking restaurants up online is really helpful.  Sometimes, though, places will have gluten-free options available but it won’t say anything about it on the website (perhaps because it varies based on the location?). 

The Rock didn’t say anything on their site, but when Mr. M called we found that I could actually get any nine inch personal pizza gluten-free!  The moral of the story: call ahead.    I ordered the “Yellow Brick Road” (basically just a Hawaiian), which was really good.  The only downside is that $13 is kind of pricy for a personal pizza (my pizza was $10 with a $3 fee for the gluten-free crust), but it is nice to have the option of going out for gluten-free pizza.

To find locations in your area or to see the menu, check out the website.  And remember, call ahead of time!  Happy (and safe) dining!