Gluten-Free Dining: Red Robin

DSCN1326Whether you’re gluten-free or have a collection of food allergies, eating out can be a pain (literally).  When I found out that I couldn’t have gluten/wheat or beef anymore, I thought my gourmet hamburger days were over.  But, thanks to Red Robin, it appears I was wrong.

Red Robin has several allergen-specific menus that tell you exactly what you can and can’t eat.  Just inform your waiter of your specific food foe and ask to see the appropriate menu.  Don’t be embarrassed, lots of people have to ask for the special menus.  And your dining experience will be much safer and less stressful if you’re not just guessing and hoping things are actually gluten-free, peanut-free, or whatever you need them to be. 

I ordered a grilled turkey burger, without the chipotle mayo (it has gluten), and on a gluten-free bun (there was a $1 fee but it was definitely worth it).  And, instead of fries, I ordered broccoli.  The gluten-free menu says that the fries do not contain any gluten ingredients but that there might be cross contamination with the fryer at some of their restaurants.  If you want to go with fries, just be sure to ask your server if they use a separate fryer for the fries and whether there could be cross contamination.

The gluten-free buns aren’t available at every Red Robin, so you might want to call ahead or you can always get a lettuce wrap.  I couldn’t have been happier with my order.  The bun was soft and the patty was well flavored.  It was perfect.

Hamburger and chicken patties as well as salads are also available gluten-free with minor alterations.  Check out Red Robin’s gluten-free menu online.  Happy (and safe) dining!


3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Dining: Red Robin

  1. I remember when a Red Robin opened up near my house and I wasn’t enthused because normally when I order out, I end up having to rinse off my meals due to the grill spices they put on them. I usually find it not worth it since I have to take apart the sandwich, rinse off the chicken, and replace the lettuce and sometimes the buns.
    When I ordered from Red Robin, I asked if their grilled chicken was pre-seasoned and they said it was not, and everything was prepared to each individual specific needs. I thought this was a dream, and I got a spinach wrap with grilled chicken and it was the most delightful thing I had ever tasted.
    But it’s so far away from my house that I never actually get the luxury of eating from there.
    Just about every other restaurant I’ve been to, where I ask if I can have the chicken unseasoned, they say “it comes pre-seasoned” and very few of them offer to rinse off the chicken before cooking it, so I usually end up eating a bowl of fruit while everyone else is eating steaks and hamburgers. Even the salads are usually seasoned!
    But I can say that my experience with Red Robin is a good one as well.

    • I’ve been very pleased with Red Robin. The owner of the one near my house actually came out once to talk to me because the waiter at told him I was gluten-free. He talked to me about the kitchen and what he was doing to make sure everything was gluten-free and how one of his best friends had celiac and would always get sick when they ate out. I’m sure Red Robin generally is pretty good about allergies and food issues, but I’ve had such good luck that I never want to eat at any of the other ones. I only eat at the one by my house. It’s where I feel safe.


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