Cooking Confession: The Muffins from Outer Space

DSCN1227Well, I tried making something new—Raisin Buddy Banana Muffins.  After making banana bread recently, I decided to give muffins a try.  Seemed like a good snack and possibly an easy, quick breakfast on the go.

But my first attempt at muffins didn’t even resemble muffins.  They looked like some ugly, lumpy, overgrown cookie from space.  I’m not exactly sure why because I followed a preexisting recipe (check it out), just changing the flour and sweetener, but they looked freakish.  They also didn’t rise at all, so I never would’ve guessed they were supposed to be muffins.

Despite their not-exactly-muffin-like exterior, the flavor was good and  everyone asked for seconds.  I think these weird little guys have possible gluten-free, sugar-free cookie potential, though.  I’m going to try making it again, but this time I’ll make cookies!  And I’ll follow my original banana bread recipe to make muffins.  So, although they definitely weren’t muffins, I think I can work with it.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Confession: The Muffins from Outer Space

    • Yes, it really does happen sometimes. To my surprise, they were delicious! I think all of them were eaten before they were even done cooling. And they have cookie potential. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!


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