Hidden Gluten: Tea

MH900321061Even though I’ve been gluten-free for a couple of years, once in awhile something gluteny still manages to sneak its way in.  This time, it was hidden in my holiday-blend tea. 

I’m so careful about reading labels, but for some reason I just assumed my tea was fine.  But, to my surprise, it contained barley.  Normally when people think of gluten, wheat is the first thing that comes to mind.  But wheat, barley, and rye all contain gluten.  Luckily, I discovered it right away, so I didn’t end up super sick.

Number one rule of being gluten-free: Always read ingredient labels!  And, unfortunately, it seems that this even applies to tea.

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Gluten: Tea

  1. I’ve run into this as well. Specifically, some Yogi Tea has barley in it. I have definitely wrongly assumed certain foods were “fine” in the past (hot cocoa anyone?) to find out they most certainly weren’t. Thanks for the reminder!

    • It’s amazing the sorts of things gluten creeps into! Good to know that other teas can have barley as well.

      Thanks for commenting, Gracefully GF. And welcome! 🙂


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