Cooking Confession: Cupcakes

DSCN0802When I was a kid my mom used to tell me baking was a science.  And, now that I’m gluten-free, I feel like a food chemist without any training or a manual.  On my own just guessing and hoping I can figure out how to get the texture and flavor right eventually.

The newest experiment involves chocolate.  My sister, who is also gluten and sugar free, is having a birthday in a couple of weeks and I’d like to be able to bake something chocolaty and frosted to celebrate.

My first attempt was the frosted brownies, which turned out quite nicely.  But they weren’t quite as birthday-y as I was looking for, so I decided to attempt cupcakes.  The only problem, though, was that the only classic cupcake recipes I really liked had wheat and sugar in them, so I had to invent something completely new.  I guessed at the temperature and which gluten-free flour to use and just hoped for the best.

Considering all the guesswork, these little chocolaty creations turned out well for a first attempt.  The texture was better than I expected (a little denser than I wanted but close) and they didn’t crumble apart the way a lot of gluten-free things will.  The only major downside was that the all-purpose gluten-free flour left an odd aftertaste in your mouth that I wasn’t too keen on.  A lot of the all-purpose gluten-free flours have garbanzo flour, which really seems to be an acquired taste (that I have yet to develop).  I think the flour is largely to blame for the texture, too. 

The plan is to use my cupcake recipe again, but to use rice flour instead and maybe add a little more sweetener.  Making cupcakes, take number two …